Musings and articles from the mind and heart of our founder Meriel Chamberlin.

Certifications aren’t everything

Certifications in fashion and textiles, are they always the first thing we should look for? A podcast with Conversations for Change.

Collaborating with Circular Sourcing – activating surplus and deadstock – including Australian Milled.

Circular Sourcing – In conversation with Courtney Holm its founder. Full Circle Fibres and Courtney Holm did a deep dive into Australian milled fabrics, we …

We are a B-Corp

Full Circle Fibres is now a B Corp. – what on earth does this mean? Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by …

A New Textiles Economy Queensland 2030

Local grown cotton, fully made here, super high quality so they last a really long time and they’re really comfortable to wear; not shedding any plastic microfibers, and they just last.

Dye Chemists are Good Wizards

Industrial Chemists are generally viewed from a distance and with caution. As a rudimentary, very rusty chemist myself; I once synthesised a reactive dye for my Honours degree. Then left the lab for supply chain management.

Indigenous Collaboration – A Paddock to Product Story

Tea and Belle, an Indigenous business based in Canberra and Sydney found us, loved our single origin cotton story and wondered if we could develop some products together that were not only beautifully designed, but sensitive to place, country and purpose.

Industrial Pride – we just know that ‘making stuff’ locally makes us feel good.

I’m British and a new Australian, an emigrant and an immigrant. I grew up on the border of England and South Wales (old South Wales!).

Operation Cuddles

The Australian Bushfires have lead to a huge increase in the number of native animals needing care, including orphaned possums, koalas, gliders and wallabies.