Full Circle Fibres is about connecting the links from grower to user, respecting the source and the stages to usefulness as gently and carefully as possible.

With Full Circle Fibres you’ll join a journey about finding and using sustainably and ethically sourced fibres, yarns and fabrics, crafting tips, articles about the wonderful growers, suppliers and processors, and as the rage grows, products for you to enjoy, use and share.

Meriel is a passionate textile technologist (nerd for fabric manufacture), crafter and mother of 2. She lives with her family trying to tread lightly on this world in their sustainably renovated house in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Meriel loves making stuff, this has been since she campaigned her Mum to teach her to knit when she was about 5, much to her sister’s disgust, she spent just about every ‘play’ opportunity available to her sewing, knitting and making! Her family today will tell you nothing has changed there’s always a myriad of projects on the go and an addiction to inspirational ‘stashing’ of useful fabrics, yarns etc, that she struggles to keep to one space in their home!

Meriel’s love of textiles added to her geeky soul led all the way to studying at UMIST in Manchester where she gained her BSc (Hons) in Textile Science and Technology, and progressed to a career working for global high street brands and small companies with fabric and garment manufacturers and their supply chains in Europe, Asia and Australia.

See a little about our story so far here

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  2. hi i was at the spinners and weavers open day last month and i bought 2 of your spindles. just wondering how i can get some more thanks debbie

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