Operation Cuddles

Operation Cuddles


The Australian Bushfires have lead to a huge increase in the number of native animals needing care, including orphaned possums, koalas, gliders and wallabies.
Rescued Baby Possum snuggled in Australian Super Cotton

Our volunteer carers use fabric pouches for these little ones to snuggle in while they are growing up and begin their rehabilitation journey to be able to be released back into the wild.

Queensland Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists answered the call and organised a working be on Thursday 21 November to kick start a drive to get some pouches out to the volunteers. We were excited to be able to assist by donating our unbleached single jersey as a liner fabric, as we knew this would be a busy day and we didn’t want to run out!

Operation Cuddles at QSWFA Fibrecraft House, Auchenflower

In the end we made 577 pouches across liners and inners. The outer fabric is ideally wool or something similar, and can be fabric or knitted or crocheted, and cotton for the liner for easy washing and softness against their skin and fur.

Full Circle Fibres Cotton cuddling a rescued baby possum

If you’d like to add to the effort, using up fabrics in your stash, or old t-shirts or old blankets and things, ideally natural fibres, please go to the QSWFA website, or FB Page for instructions and updates about places in Brisbane to donate finished pouches.


Founder, Full Circle Fibres

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