Australian Cotton Fabric by the metre, roll or batch
and Australian Cotton Yarn
  • Full Circle Fibres was created as we wanted to enable makers, small designers and local companies to do something that seems so obvious – design and make with Australian Cotton.
  • Full Circle Fibres is currently the only place this is possible for anyone not large enough to work in 10s of tonnes and anyone at all who wants an entirely traceable, 100% Australian supply chain.
We have turned these fibres into something you can use, without them leaving Australia.

Weaving yarn on cone

Meriel and first paddock to product weaving yarn

The last few months have been very busy, after we finally had our yarn underway. First stage spinning is the biggest challenge, not a lot of capability left here in Australia. That’s why we need to use it!

Single Jersey Full Circle Fibres

Loomstate Australian Cotton Single Jersey

Cotton Australia has done an incredible job educating designers and brands about the global best practice sustainability story that Australian Cotton is. Now, we have put the chain together so you can put it in your products, no matter how small your business.

Product Categories



    Knits – Our sample fabrics are now available in Black and or White, and Washed Navy for the Pique.

    Interlock Full Circle Fibres

    Loomstate Australian Cotton Interlock

    • Single Jersey
    • Interlock
    • Single Pique (classic polo shirt)
    • Single Jersey with stretch

    Sampling metres and small quantities will be available from these first batches, including ordering by the metre.

    For larger quantities, fabrics will be available to order, lead-times are currently 8 weeks to include spinning, knitting and dyeing.

    If you are large enough to order at least 80kg (400-600m) of knitted fabric we will be able to work with you for bespoke constructions, weights and colours.

    Printing can also be sampled, priced and arranged on request.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements and options.



    Mid Weight Wovens

    Woven Australian Cotton

    Australian Super Cotton Linen Look Woven Cotton

    We currently have a capability to work with the spinner and weaver to create 100% pure cotton woven fabrics with no oils or waxes required for processing at any stage.

    This is as good as it gets for purity!

    There are 3 weaves currently available,

    Bespoke weave structures, or any of the panels on the blanket weave, can be done to order by the metre, next time we are booking in weaving.

    To dye, or prepare for print, this fabric would be possible for larger orders.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements and options.



    Pretty Cotton flowers St George

    Cotton Flowers in the fields at Australian Super Cotton in St George, QLD.

    Light weight wovens, suitable for shirts, dresses and more – these are on our radar, we are working with a different weaver for these, and we hope to have some sampling available soon.


    Please contact us if you would like to remain updated about our progress on these fabrics.




    Australian Yarn and Cotton Field

    Full Circle Fibres Handdyed Yarn in the Cotton Paddock

    If you are working and supplying to lovers of great yarns, whether they are knitting, crocheting, weaving and more, we are exploring getting our yarns, and more weights, available to you.


    Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for, and how you’d like to use our fabulous paddock to product options, some things can be easy to source, others surprisingly tricky, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask!

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Email us, we can plan to talk or meet and work out what products will suit you best.