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Supply Chain – Oh for a supply chain!

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Paddock to Product is such a wonderful idea, we see great examples with food frequently. However, with other, less perishable items this can be so much trickier. I always knew there were a lot of stages to put together, lining them up has required even more tenacity than I expected!

After months of feeling like we’ve been banging our heads on a wall we have our first commercial trial batch of yarn being spun. Bec from Australian Super Cotton, and I had a great couple of days in Melbourne last month seeing our fibre go through the stages to becoming a yarn at the mill and visiting our manufacturing and development partners for the twisting, knitting, weaving and dyeing there too.

Open End Cotton Spinning

Our Cotton – Sliver to Yarn

We are now building relationships with 6 different Australian manufacturing businesses – which means when our products are available to you you’ll be supporting all of them too. To bring you a fabric we need at least 3-4 all lined up! this is after growing and ginning, and doesn’t even begin to include what’s involved for garments to be made up too! – that’s why I want to make fabric available to everyone, so you can do it for yourselves too.

Even though we have found manufacturers to work with, there are still so many variables to be worked through, bulk manufacturing, the machinery available, and the quantities we want to trial and produce all are factors in the options we have to develop products that are both awesome, reproducible and a fair price. I love this part of product development, although there’s no denying it’s a roller coaster with each hiccup along the way. Already my love of understanding each factory’s capabilities, and the timing of logistics and planning becomes a benefit as we have to work around some constraints in getting from one stage to the next, always keeping things moving, I know so many who are following our progress really want to see these next developments – and to all the crafters out there, want to play with them!

Really, it should only be a few weeks now until some more woven and knitted fabrics … woo hoo!

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