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If I was 40 I would do it…

Meriel Australian Cotton 3 Comments

A few months ago as I was contemplating taking the plunge into what has become Full Circle Fibres. Someone closer to 70 than 60 made this statement after attending an inspiring weaving workshop that could have been the beginning of a new venture. It had a galvanising impact.

Full Circle Fibres combines many passions and lifelong honed skills as I bring you my journey. Connecting access to textiles – yarns, fibres and fabrics that are not only a joy to use, but a joy to know their story, and safe to return to the land at the end of their lifecycle.

I’ve begun with Cotton, it’s in my (out)backyard, yet it’s almost impossible to find an Australian cotton fabric or yarn. I’ve found that this is possible, I’m very close to 40 and putting a dream into action. Sharing this adventure, and soon, some fabulous fibres, yarns and fabrics so you can add your creativity too.

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  1. Meriel, you are onto something great here. I’m truly inspired by your passion, creativity, knowledge and desire to follow your dream. It was wonderful to meet you earlier this week in Brisbane.

  2. You are an inspiration, Meriel. I wish you every success. I can’t wait to try spinning the cotton. Have to empty my spools of wool first…….. Nearly there.

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