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In conversation with Fashion Wayfinder

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It was a pleasure to be asked to share my story with Carla van Lunn of Fashion Wayfinder earlier in the year. We explore my journey into the textile industry, my passion that hasn’t waned, the evolution of Full Circle Fibres and my perspectives on Sustainability and the Circular Economy in general. I’m a fan of practical pragmatism! Grab a …

Weaving yarn on cone

Social enterprise or just enterprise as it should be?

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Earlier this year, I was asked to talk about my ‘social enterprise,’ for fashion education purposes. I’m always happy to share my story, but it got me thinking, why is my business considered a social enterprise? I’ve always been passionate about fairness in the supply chain, and every part of the chain being fair and sustainable, isn’t this just good …

Australian Super Cotton Bales in Field

Australia All Over – our story on ABC Local Radio

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In August ‘Macca’ from the institution that is ‘Australia All Over’ on a Sunday morning dropped in on the Fibre Arts Expo with Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists. We were introduced, and as I began explaining what we’ve been doing with getting Cotton into yarns and fabrics, he thought this was worth recording. It’s always lovely to meet people …

The Ultimate Baby Blanket

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If you Knit or Crochet, and there’s a little one in your world to wrap in creative love, you’re after something soft, gentle and special but able to actually be used every day, it’s a conundrum, something lovely and pure….. what better than pure unbleached Australian Cotton for all year round in our subtropical climate. Back to the beginning, 100% Australian …

Handcraft Yarn

Come and meet us in Brisbane

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  We’ve just had a brilliant first day at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair, collaborating with Australian Super Cotton, this has been a great way to find out what people who are passionate about fabrics, yarns , sewing and more think of our products, and they LOVE them! So come and join in the fun, there are four more …

Ginned cotton

Everyday Luxury with a dose of mindfulness….

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100g of Ginned Cotton – what can you do? I have found a friendly cotton grower, but what can you do with ginned cotton? It’s a bit like asking what can I do with a wool fleece directly after it’s been shorn from the sheep and been skirted! It’s still pretty raw and a long way from high street items. …

Handspun Handpainted Australian Cotton

If I was 40 I would do it…

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A few months ago as I was contemplating taking the plunge into what has become Full Circle Fibres. Someone closer to 70 than 60 made this statement after attending an inspiring weaving workshop that could have been the beginning of a new venture. It had a galvanising impact. Full Circle Fibres combines many passions and lifelong honed skills as I bring you …