Tea Towel


Full Circle Fibres QLD made Tote
Pure 100% Australian Super Cotton
grown, spun, woven and made in Australia.

An everyday essential, or an awesome gift.

The skein in the image is available, and would work brilliantly to decorate one of these with hand stitching / sashiko but – not included with the bag!

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Just cotton, no chemicals, no dyes, no bleach – what better way to dry up!

FCF Tea towel detail image

Full Circle FIbres 100% Australian Super Cotton Tea Towel, with hanger loop and transfer printed label.

Tea Towels featuring 100% Australian Super Cotton, sewn with 100% Oekotex certified cotton thread. Available in our 3 woven fabric qualities.

These can be used as is, decorated or dyed (the thread will dye too!)

Dimensions – approx. 63cm x 42 – it will shrink a few cms after the first wash.

If you like the look of these, but would like to make your own order about 0.75 of the Linen Look , Canvas or Weave Blanket for enough for 3.

The transfer printed care instructions are non toxic, made in Australia.

These tea towels are made with the collaboration of all these Australian businesses:  1 grower, 1 cotton gin, 1 spinner, 1 plying mill, 1 weaving mill, 1 sewing factory, 1 transfer printer.


Australian Cotton Weave Blanket

Full Circle Fibres 100% Australian Cotton Signature Weave Blanket

Care – This can be machine or hand washed, cold, warm or hot, line or tumble dried, soak it if you need to. I use mine all the time. If you use a lot of whitening soaker eventually you’ll degrade the printed label. The fabric isn’t going anywhere!

Absorbency – It needs to be washed or soaked in bicarb or washing soda before use, the cotton is so pure, and it needs is natural waxes washed off before it will start loving soaking up water. You’ll be the first to get it wet! it gets to full absorbency after about 3 washes. I started using mine after the first wash, I’m impatient!



FCF Linen Look weave close up

Full Circle Fibres Linen Look Woven Cotton with scale

Pure Australian Cotton Canvas

Australian Super Cotton Canvas – Loomstate

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Fabric base

Canvas, Linen Look, Weave Blanket


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