Single Jersey – Natural


This beautiful single jersey knit, great for t-shirts, light summer dresses and whatever you please.
Width   200cm

Weight  135 g/ sq m Loomstate – 150 g/sq m Washed

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This is loom state Australian knitted cotton.
It has a little wax on the yarn to enable it to be machine knitted without breakages and faults.

Pure Cotton Single Jersey

Single Jersey Loomstate Australian Super Cotton

The cotton in this fabric has not seen water since it was in the paddock in St George, Queensland, at Australian Super Cotton!
This is machine washable, wash before use if you are making a washable item where dimensions are important.
Please wash, before you dye or print, the fibres are naturally are still water repellant from being in the boll on the plant and the wax from knitting needs to be removed.


Single Jersey Skew demo

The natural skew of washed single jersey

It will shrink about 12% in the length only after the first wash, it will also soften up.

Single Jersey is knitted in a tube, it naturally wants to ‘skew’ after it’s first wash, just as some t-shirts ‘twist.’ It is best to wash the fabric, let it relax ‘skewed’ and then cut out your pieces, it will not skew any more.

By purchasing this fabric you support 1 grower, 1 cotton gin and 2 manufacturers, spinning and knitting in Australia.

If you would like a small swatch before purchasing please email us.


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