Single Jersey – Black


This beautiful single jersey knit, great for t-shirts, light summer dresses and whatever you please.
Width   180cm (useable)

Weight  130 g/ sq m

Shrinkage up to 6% length, 5% width

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This is dyed and finished Australian knitted cotton.

100% Australian Cotton White Single Jersey

Australian Cotton Single Jersey – Black

The cotton in this fabric is from St George, Queensland, at Australian Super Cotton!
This is machine washable, wash before use if you are making a washable item where dimensions are important.
Please also wash, before you dye or print.


It will shrink about 6% in the length only after the first wash.

Single Jersey is knitted in a tube, it naturally wants to ‘skew’ after it’s first wash, just as some t-shirts ‘twist.’ The fabric has been finished ‘skewed’ to build out as much of this as possible.

By purchasing this fabric you support 1 grower, 1 cotton gin and 3 manufacturers, spinning, knitting and dyeing in Australia.

If you would like a small swatch before purchasing please email us.


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