Linen Look


This beautiful pure cotton linen look is a mid weight with a slightly less even, chunkier weave than the canvas, great for lightweight jackets, bags, furnishing and whatever you please.
Width 140cm

Weight 310g/sq m

11.5 in stock


This is as clean as it gets, no waxes or oils in manufacturing, no bleach or dye. Use it as is or add your own colour or decoration.

FCF Linen Look

Full Circle Fibres Linen Look Woven Australian Cotton – detail

The cotton in this fabric has not seen water since it was in the paddock in St George, Queensland, at Australian Super Cotton!
This is machine washable, and, please wash before use if you are making a washable item where dimensions are important.
Please wash, or at least test, before you dye or print, the fibres naturally are still water repellant from being in the boll on the plant, just as leaves are, to protect them from rain – that’s how pure this is!

It will shrink about 10% in the length and 3% in the width after the first wash, it will also soften up.

By purchasing this fabric you support 1 grower, 1 cotton gin and 3 manufacturers, spinning, plying and weaving in Australia.

If you would like a small swatch before purchasing please email us.


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